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Air Conditioning - Alignments - Automatic Transmission - Batteries - Belts & Hoses - Brakes - Carburetors - Clutch & Driveline - Computer Diagnostics - Cooling System Service - Electrical - Exhaust & Mufflers - Fuel & Brake Lines - Oil Changes - Shocks & Struts - Suspension - Tire Sales & Repair - Tune-Ups


Here's what we can do for you.
 Complete tire service and repair

We sell name brand and private label tires. All tire

prices include mounting and balancing, tire disposal and rubber snap in valve stems or TPMS relearning.

 Oil change service

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle running properly for a long time is regular maintenance. We recommend oil changes every 3 months or 3,000 miles on conventional oil or 5000 on synthetic oil.

 Complete brake service and repair

We offer one of the best brake jobs around. We inspect your brake system for leaks and potential problems like rusty brake lines or cracked hoses. When we replace pads and rotors, we also clean and lubricate all pad sliding points and rotor mounting surfaces.

 Complete steering and suspension repair

If your vehicle is making noise over bumps or your tires

are wearing unevenly, you could have loose front end

parts. We can replace loose, worn parts and perform a

a computer wheel alignment.

 Check engine light and drivability diagnostic

If your check engine light is on, or your vehicle is not running quite right, we can fix that. We have some of the best, most up-to-date diagnostic tools and website information to fix your vehicle quickly and correctly the first time. We use INDENTIFIX and ALLDATA.

 Complete engine repair and replacement

If an unfortunate problem occurs with your engine, we can perform repairs like head gaskets or timing chains, and if your engine  requires replacement we can suggest used or re-manufactured, both with nation-wide parts and labor warranties.

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